ePR: Are You Part of the Marketing Mix?
Taking Electronic Public Relations to the Next Level

Personal: Perfect for business-to-customer applications.

At the Personal level, you are provided with:

  • A professionally written press release (approx. 300 words) including, if desired:
         -Full composition of text 
        -Editorial and translation services for existing text
  • Marketing consultation for written advertising
  • Distribution through hundreds of channels, including Google News and AdWords, MSN, ASK NEWS, and Yahoo! News
  • Search engine optimization and marketing consultation services
  • Statistical data about the distribution of your information, including:

    Tells you how many times your press release has been accessed. This number doesn't include journalists who receive the release. Expect from 30-50,000+ reads of your release in the first week.
    Estimates the number of times your release was picked up by a media outlet, not including appearances in the media beyond that point.
    This number shows how many times your information has been forwarded to a third party. This is the "word of mouth" of the internet.
    This represents the number of times that we can document the printing of your press release. This is measured by the number of times that someone clicks the "printer friendly version" of your information. In reality, only a small percentage of people click this button to print, so the number could be thought of as much higher.

You don't have to take our word for it...

To monitor the success of your campaign we will include FREE access to IndexTools Site Analytics for 14 days.


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