Reputation Management

What is online Brand and Reputation Management?


Let's say you've just left an important business meeting with a potential client. You've explained your services, impressed them with your work and given them a competitive pricing bid. You've all but sealed the deal and are confident that with a follow-up call, you'll have them signing the paperwork and faxing the contract over to your office.The key is to protect your brand and influence consumer perception of it or your organization.


What is online Brand and Reputation Management?The same efforts need to be applied to protecting your products and services. Blogs, forums and other types of social media play a major role in exchanging thoughts on services and products, and no company is immune to it. Dell was hit badly some years ago when they had problems with their 'exploding batteries' and NatWest has seen some of its customers create negative blogs about their services (one called CrapWest). Then there is Radisson SAS who had problems with an adult conference in one of their hotels, Coca Cola who had problems with organic results at Google and McDonalds with the amount of negative online publicity.


One of the keys to the success of your company is your reputation. No other media channel carries your reputation around faster than the Internet. What happens on one side of the globe gets noticed on the other side almost instantaneously. eNewsPR, a Nordic eMarketing service, provides an online reputation management monitoring service for clients of all sizes. We use the Internet to monitor and react to any harm that might come to you and your company.


Our service exists of both online brand and reputation management. Both are vital practices in protecting your corporate and brand reputation within the search engines and within the online community.


What would be the recommended action plan for a successful online brand and reputation management?


First of all, use preventive measurements, don't wait and see to see if the problem will just 'blow over'. If, however, the damage is already done, we would recommend the following action points:


What is your business and what are your products, partners and customers?
What sites are affecting your online reputation?
What are your online goals?
How critical is the situation?

Result Review and Planning
Online strengths and weaknesses
Strengths and weaknesses of the negative sites
Keep and/or regain control of your space
Maintain control of your space

Action Plan
Define your main objectives
Identify company-controlled properties 
Review external opportunities
Apply the brand's field of influence
Be flexible and opportunistic
Track progress
Ensure constant communications
Measure and report on the situation



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