ePR: Is it a part of your Marketing Mix?
Taking Electronic Public Relations to the Next Level - News Distribution through Search Engines, RSS and other Media.


"The two main assets of a company do not appear on its balance sheet: its reputation and employees."
Henry Ford

Does your company:

  •      Have valuable products or services that people need to know about?
  •      Have a web site that could do more business?
  •      Want the world to see your fresh look, name, or logo?
  •      Need to get your ideas out to interested investors?

How can ePR (Electronic Public Relations) help?


How can ePR (Electronic Public Relations) help?ePR or electronic puplic relations has been developed as the electronic media division of Nordic eMarketing, one of the most successful internet marketing and search engine optimization firms in Europe. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 30 percent of people get their news from online sources. ePR is a cost-effective way to get information to consumers on a massive scale.


ePR will help you develop a professional press release, distribute it through hundreds of specialized channels, increase the online visibility of your company and the bottom line make more revenue


Choose from: Personal,  eBusiness, or Enterprise online public relation packages to tailor our services to your needs. They main thing to have in mind that the Internet does not work the same way as traditional media, don't tread online PR the same as traditional PR.

At eNewsPR, we have built our business on the quality of service that we give our clients. Unlike many companies out there, we will never charge you hidden fees and we use only ethical methods to promote your website. Your success is our success, it's that simple.



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