Online PR as a part of a Holistic Internet Marketing Strategy
"A June 2006 study by Outsell, reported in TrendAlert: 2006 User Update - Information Managers Challenged To Supply Time-Saving Solutions, More Efficient Search, found that corporate and government sectors have increasingly turned to press releases for information, surpassing trade publications. The report cited developments such as Google News Alerts and RSS as contributing factors to the rise in popularity of press releases in business research."
Resource: Outsellinc.com


The Benefits of an ePR Partnership:
Any company can throw your information out on the web and call the job done. With ePR, you can be assured that we will get the results that you expect, including:

Gogole News and News AlertsAttracting customers with visibility on Google News, Yahoo! News, MSN, and ASK News, among many others Continuous increase in link popularity for your site Higher ranking by search engines and directories  Targeted marketing to your focus groups Direct contact with the media, including columnists and reporters Immediate publication of your news on the internet through hundreds of established channels, delivered directly into the central editing computers at daily newspapers, newsweeklies, international and  national news services, trade publications, and broadcast newsrooms, such as Newsweek, London Times, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, InfoWorld, eWeek, Wards AutoWorld, Variety, People, Rolling Stone, Car & Driver, Conde Nast Traveler, Health Magazine and CNN - This is how ever depented on the distribution method and who you are targeting.


To show of our news distribution highlights eNewsPR content is distributed by a number of world-class news services, including: Ask Jeeves News, Google News, MSN News, Moreover, NewsNow, Topix.net, Lycos News, NewsKnowledge and IPD Group. For Web Search releases are also picked up by some of the most influential search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and MSN - This leads to your content being picked up and send as email news alerts through the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Feedster and email it to users, such as investors and journalists, who have asked to be kept informed on select topics and breaking news.  

Why DIY Doesn't Work on the Internet
With Nordic eMarketing's ePR service, you get the benefit of a team with over ten years of internet marketing and optimization experience. Let's face it, any person with a computer can put information on the web, but will people read it?


News and PR Distribution Online


You deserve to do business with a company that provides personalized service focused on your goals. Nordic eMarketing will always keep your best interests in mind, and we will get your message across to the groups that matter to you. We have sharpened our practices through years of trial to develop a system that works, period.

We understand the things that build your business:

  • Brand visibility
  • Attracting eager customers to your website
  • Establishing an internet presence with link popularity and higher ratings
  • Concrete results from your investments

You can't trust just anybody to help your business succeed online. You have to go with a company that has been around the block, and is here to stay.


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